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Hail all Hail

Célébrons du Sauveur l’amour et la puissance

God is tegenwoordig

Merveilleux amour

Mort avec Christ

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What we are, we’re His image


What we are, we’re His image;
We’re created in His image,
To express the Christ, subdue the earth,
The purpose of our second birth,
We’re His image, glorious !
What we are, we’re the called ones,
We’ve been called into the purpose.
No longer low in Adam’s fall,
God’s glory is our holy call.
We’re the called ones, glorious !
What we are, we’re the joint heirs;
We inherit full salvation.
We overcome and share His throne.
All things today we fully own.
We’re the joint heirs, glorious !
What we are, we’re Christ’s partners:
We share the same anointing.
No longer we’re just serving Him;
His riches we may all share in.
We’re His partners, glorious !
What we are, we’re the brothers.
We are all the holy brothers.
The life of Christ we did obtain,
For holiness the gold we gain.
Holy brothers, glorious !
What we are, we’re the lampstand;
We’re the shining forth of Jesus.
In this world’s darkness, sin, and strife,
We’re holding Christ, the light of life.
We’re the lampstand, glorious.

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O Père des lumières

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