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For all thy saints, a noble throng

Te loamos, ¡oh Dios

O Jésus, mon roi, mon maître

Mon âme exalte le Seigneur

Oh Viens Bientot Emmanuel

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What we are, we’re His image


What we are, we’re His image;
We’re created in His image,
To express the Christ, subdue the earth,
The purpose of our second birth,
We’re His image, glorious !
What we are, we’re the called ones,
We’ve been called into the purpose.
No longer low in Adam’s fall,
God’s glory is our holy call.
We’re the called ones, glorious !
What we are, we’re the joint heirs;
We inherit full salvation.
We overcome and share His throne.
All things today we fully own.
We’re the joint heirs, glorious !
What we are, we’re Christ’s partners:
We share the same anointing.
No longer we’re just serving Him;
His riches we may all share in.
We’re His partners, glorious !
What we are, we’re the brothers.
We are all the holy brothers.
The life of Christ we did obtain,
For holiness the gold we gain.
Holy brothers, glorious !
What we are, we’re the lampstand;
We’re the shining forth of Jesus.
In this world’s darkness, sin, and strife,
We’re holding Christ, the light of life.
We’re the lampstand, glorious.

Viens, entre Esprit de vie

Mijn Heer is onbeschrijflijk goed

Day by day we magnify Thee

Jésus Jésus

O Saints of Zion