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Venid, los que a Dios

Were not ashamed to own our Lord

Jezus, de bronwel van vreugd

Christ, when for us you were baptised

Ah! pourquoi l'amiti

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A child is born in Bethlehem


The Child is born in Bethlehem, Alleluia.
Rejoice and sing, Jerusalem! Alleluia.
Low in the manger lieth He, Alleluia.
Whose reign no bound or end can see. Alleluia.
The ox and as their Owner know, Alleluia.
And own their Lord thus stooping low. Alleluia.
Kings coming from the furthest East, Alleluia.
Bring old, frankincense, myrrh to Christ. Alleluia.
That lowly dwelling entering, Alleluia.
They humbly greet the new born King. Alleluia.
Born of a virgin mother mild, Alleluia.
Seed of the woman, wondrous Child. Alleluia.
Born of our blood, without the sin, Alleluia.
No serpent's venom left therein. Alleluia.
Like us, in flesh of human frame, Alleluia.
Unlike in sin alone, He came: Alleluia.
That He might make us, sinful men, Alleluia.
Like God, and like Himself again. Alleluia.
In this, our Christmas happiness, Alleluia.
The Lord with festive hymns we bless. Alleluia.
The Holy Trinity be praised, Alleluia.
To God our ceaseless thanks be raised. Alleluia.

Geht hin, geht hin in alle Welt

O, how shall I receive You

Jour apres jour

L'astre l'horizon descend

Or the beauty of the earth