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Il va venir, le Seigneur que j'adore

O Dieu! crée en moi

O chief of cities, Bethlehem

Sans toi, Seigneur Dieu, que serais je

Stricken, smitten, and afflicted

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A little while, the Lord shall come


"A little while" the Lord shall come,
And we shall wander here no more;
He'll take us to His Father's home,
Where He for us is gone before,
To dwell with Him, to see His face,
And sing the glories of His grace.
"A little while" He'll come again;
Let us the precious hours redeem,
Our only grief to give Him pain,
Our joy to serve and follow Him.
Watching and ready may we be,
As those that wait their Lord to see.
"A little while" 'twill soon be past,
Why should we shun the promised cross?
O let us in His footsteps haste,
Counting for Him all else but loss;
For how will recompense His smile,
The sufferings of this "little while"!
"A little while" come, Saviour, come;
For Thee Thy bride has tarried long:
Take Thy poor waiting pilgrims home
To sing the new eternal song,
To see Thy glory, and to be
In everything conformed to Thee!

Bénissons Dieu (arc 134)

La joie du Seigneur est ma force

L'amour de Jésus Christ nous presse

Seigneur de ta demeure

Spirit Divine, attend our prayers