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Come, pure hearts, in sweetest measure

O chief of cities, Bethlehem

Abba, Père

Come, you people, come adore him

All the way my savior leads me

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Just as I am


Just as I am, Thine own to be,
Friend of the young, who lovest me,
To consecrate myself to Thee,
O Jesus Christ, I come.
In the glad morning of my day,
My life to give, my vows to pay,
With no reserve and no delay,
With all my heart I come.
I would live ever in the light,
I would work ever for the right;
I would serve Thee with all my might;
Therefore, to Thee I come.
Just as I am, young, strong, and free,
To be the best that I can be
For truth, and righteousness, and Thee,
Lord of my life, I come.
With many dreams of fame and gold,
Success and joy to make me bold,
But dearer still my faith to hold,
For my whole life, I come.
And for Thy sake to win renown,
And then to take the victor's crown,
And at Thy feet to cast it down,
O Master, Lord, I come.

Seigneur tu fus notre refuge

How great the wisdom and the love

Komm, Gott Schopfer, Heiliger Geist

Em glória resplandece

Levons-nous, frères, levons-nous