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As the disciples, when Thy Son had left them

Seigneur mon Dieu, je t'adore

Praise to the man

Hold out your hands Arent they won

For the fruits of all creation

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While morning still is breaking


While morning still is breaking
and day replaces night,
beneath God's care awaking
we thank him for new light.
We thank him that he calls us
to life and health anew;
whatever now befalls us
his care will still be true.
O Israel's guardian, hear us,
watch over us this day;
in all we do be near us.
For others, too, we pray;
to you we would commend them,
our church, our youth, our land;
direct them and defend them
when dangers are at hand.
O grant us peace and gladness,
give us our daily bread,
shield us from grief and sadness,
on us your blessings shed.
Grant that our whole behaviour
in truth and righteousness
may praise you, Lord, our Saviour,
whose holy name we bless.
You are our vine, O nourish
your branches, so that we
may grow in you and flourish
and ever fruitful be;
your Spirit pour within us,
and let the gifts of grace
to those good actions win us
that best may show your praise.

Viens donc, o jour de Dieu

Eternal power, whose high abode

Il faut cueillir les fleurs

Dein bin ich, Gott, dir will ich mich

My hope is built on nothing less