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Bienheureuses sont les âmes

O mon peuple prends courage

Tell out the wonderful story

Dans sa divine humanité

Seigneur du sein de la poussière

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Come, follow Me, the Savior spake


Come, follow Me, the Savior spake,
All in My way abiding;
Deny yourselves, the world forsake,
Obey My call and guiding.
Oh, bear the cross, whate'er betide,
Take My example for your guide.
I am the Light, I light the way,
A godly life displaying;
I bid you walk as in the day,
I keep your feet from straying.
I am the Way, and well I show
How you must sojourn here below.
My heart abounds in lowliness,
My soul with love is glowing,
And gracious words My lips express,
With meekness overflowing.
My heart, My mind, My strength, My all,
To God I yield, on Him I call.
I teach you how to shun and flee
What harms your soul's salvation,
Your heart from every guile to free,
From sin and its temptation.
I am the Refuge of your soul
And lead you to your heavenly goal.
Then let us follow Christ, our Lord,
And take the cross appointed
And, firmly clinging to His Word,
In suffering be undaunted.
For who bears not the battle's strain
The crown of life shall not obtain.

Agneau de Dieu, tu t’es donné

Seigneur, reste en ta grâce

I am a child of God

Fraternité céleste et sainte

O Jésus, je me repose