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Réjouis toi, chrétien

C'est un rempart que notre Dieu

From heaven above to earth I come

O Saint Esprit Descends

De la divinité

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Ye faithful souls who Jesus know

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Ye faithful souls who Jesus know,
if risen indeed with Him ye are,
superior to the joys below,
His resurrection's power declare.
Your faith by holy tempers prove,
by actions show your sins forgiven,
and seek the glorious things above,
and follow Christ, your Head, to heaven.
There your exalted Saviour see,
seated at God's right hand again,
in all His Father's majesty,
in everlasting pomp to reign.
To Him, continually aspire,
contending for your native place;
and emulate the angel choir,
and only live to love and praise.
For who by faith your Lord receive,
ye nothing seek or want beside;
dead to the world and sin ye live,
your creature love is crucified.
Your real life, with Christ concealed,
deep in the Father's bosom lies;
and, glorious as your Head revealed,
ye soon shall meet Him in the skies.

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