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Now may He Who from the dead

La terre est à tous

Béni soit le Seigneur

Quand s’éveilleront nos cœurs

Viens et suis moi, viens, que je te conduise

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Earth was waiting, spent and restless

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Earth was waiting, spent and restless,
with a mingled hope and fear;
and the faithful few were sighing,
'Surely, Lord, the day is near;
the desire of all the nations,
it is time he should appear.'
Still the gods were in their temples,
but the ancient faith had fled;
and the priests stood by their altars
only for a piece of bread;
and the oracles were silent,
and the prophets all were dead.
In sacred courts of Zion,
where the Lord had his abode,
there the money-changers trafficked,
and the sheep and oxen trod;
and the world, because of wisdom,
knew not either Lord or God.
Then the Spirit of the Highest
on a virgin meek came down,
and he burdened her with blessing,
and he pained her with renown;
for she bore the Lord's anointed,
for his cross and for his crown.
Earth for him had groaned and travailed
since the ages first began;
for in him was hid the secret
that through all the ages ran-
Son of Mary, Son of David,
Son of God, and Son of Man.

We give immortal praise to God the

O Toi qui donnes la vie

Jésus Jésus

Ga heen, mijn kind

Louange et gloire à Ton nom