Liste de Cantiques

Liste de Cantiques de Noël




Viens à nous, ô Rédempteur

The snow lay on the ground

O viens vers nous Emmanuel

Vers toi vient le divin Roi

Voici Noël, ô douce nuit


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Come sing with me this song of love


Come sing with me this song of love,
Of Him who came from heaven above;
He made the worlds by His great power,
And keeps them till the final hour.
Creation doth His word obey
And none can stay His hand or say
'What doest Thou? Thy wonders cease.'
He is the God of power and peace.
He rules through heaven and earth and hell,
His creatures all His wonders tell,
In His own hand He hold the seas,
He guides the tide, controls the breeze;
The frost, the snow, the ice, the cold,
All are by His great power controlled;
And yet an infant babe He lay
In Bethlehems's manger on that day.
The One who dwells in heaven so high
We see within the manger lie,
Th' eternal God, a little child,
So gentle, quiet, and meek and mild.
He came His Father to obey,
Our sins by death to put away,
Came to redeem us and to save
From sin, from death and from the grave
To God our joyful praise we bring;
His love, His power to save we sing;
Our hearts adore Thee now, O God;
We trace with joy the path He trod;
With heart and voice we sing this day,
And humbly we our homage pay;
We wait to see His glorious face,
And evermore to sing Thy grace.

Loof God, gij kind'ren, maak Hem gr

D'un arbre seculaire

Gentle Mary laid her Child

Juich nu, gij heem'len

Wise men seeking Jesus